After reading this article you will be able to do here is the original decoration from safety pins and beads:

You will need about 30 pins, thick wire, beads (optional - different or the same color, large or small) and the castle (as the variant - 2 of a lock, or none at all). The first thing you need to string beads on safety pins:

Then close the pin and prikazyvaet eyelet pliers so she never opened. The same way do the rest of the pins, alternate large and small beads, round, square and any shape.

How to prepare the required number of pins, start stringing them onto the wire, alternating with beads. Should get something like the following:

In the end you have several options: make the bracelet without a lock, so it was worn over the arm or bolted to the ends of the locks. You can also make one large castle.

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