Another very interesting option of earrings that you can do with your hands.

Earrings made of faceted bicone

Earrings made of faceted bicone

You will need a few pieces of chain, wire working with beads (it should be pretty thick and tough to keep in shape), faceted bicone, and tools for working with wire.

It all starts with the fact that you cut the wire in two pieces of equal length. Orientirueshsya in the photo below. The length of each segment is approximately 8 cm Is the basis for our two earrings.

Bendable wire and form two from it here such details. The ends of each part that twists in these loops. This is a common move used in the manufacture of jewelry from beads, beads and wire.

Then everything is simple, we take our chain, and for the first and last link and attach it to the base of our billet. The length of the chain should be slightly longer than distance between antennae of the workpiece. This is necessary in order for the bead part of the earrings was more lush.

Earrings made of faceted bicone

Now take the prepared bicone and start working with them. For this you will need wire. String on a bicone, the bottom part of the wire at the same time as turning in a loop. From the top cut off the excess, and turn it into a loop.

For the loop and hang the bicone to the chain on the workpiece.

Earrings made of faceted bicone

In fact, do this for each link in the chain. All earrings details looked harmoniously, it is possible to use a bicone of different sizes. That is, in the center of the biggest, and then they must go to reduce.

And the final touch is to attach the selected enclosure at the top of our earrings. In General, that's all. The earrings are ready, you can try to go for a walk in the new acquisition. The main thing that they suited color to your outfit and combined with it.

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