Hits:863 Knitted toy

  Length: about 34 cm Materials: yarn (51% cotton, 49% polyacrylate; 120/50g) - 50 g black and white. Knitting needles No. 3 and 5 knitting needles No. 3;...

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The basic techniques of crochet

Hits:793 Knitted toy

Crochet always starts with a chain composed of loops. Take the end of yarn from the skein and place it on the index finger of the left hand so that...

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Crochet and knitting

Hits:775 Knitted toy

All crafts described here were knitted and crocheted. If you're proficient in knitting, one of the most ancient kinds of decorative-applied art, feel free to get to work, and if...

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The front loop

Hits:751 Knitted toy

Typing loop, remove one needle and take it in your right hand and the needle with the gathered loops to the left. Both ends of the threads to the right...

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Loop stacked series

Hits:777 Knitted toy

Take the thread from the ball with your right hand and put it on the palm of his left hand. Guide it between your index and middle fingers, put on...

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Hits:854 Knitted toy

Knitting needles come in different types — with one or two working ends (figure 17).     Spoke with one working end, and a ring or ball on the...

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The decrease and addition of columns

Hits:710 Knitted toy

Knitted fabric can be given any shape: rectangle, square, triangle, circle. Use addition and subtraction loops. Perform them at the edges of the canvas, and inside, trying to do almost...

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Knitting round parts

Hits:819 Knitted toy

Link a chain of four loops and connect it into a ring with prostovisa without nakida. Ring tie 8 columns without nakida, inserting the hook into the center ring (scope...

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Elongated loop (fringe)

Hits:832 Knitted toy

Tie a chain of 10 loops, and on it a row of columns without nakida. At the beginning of the second row provarite single air loop. For promazyvanija the first...

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Crayfish loop

Hits:736 Knitted toy

These are the same columns without nakida, but not knit them right to left and Vice versa left to right without turning the work to the other side. For this...

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Convex and concave columns

Hits:794 Knitted toy

These are the same columns with nakida, but they differ in that during the knitting of the columns, starting from the second row, the hook is not injected under the...

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Columns with two yo

Hits:853 Knitted toy

The columns can have any number of nakido, more than them, so the bar is higher. On symbols of columns nakida two represent two small transverse lines on the long...

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Polostevichi with stitches

Hits:710 Knitted toy

First, you knit exactly the same as the column with nakida. When on the hook are three loops, proverite them not two, and for once: grab the thread and pull...

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Seam "back needle"

Hits:792 Knitted toy

This seam is used for connecting and fastening parts. The front side of the stitch looks like a machine-and deservedly so-called "stitching". The suture is performed from right to left...

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The seam "forward a needle"

Hits:782 Knitted toy

The main purpose of this seam is a temporary bond of the product. It is called a running. Smachivanie is mandatory when performing even the most basic products, as it...

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The closure of the loops of the last row

Hits:696 Knitted toy

To secure the loops of the last row insert the right needle from right to left in the middle of the edge and the first loop, grab the thread with...

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The reverse loop

Hits:786 Knitted toy

Remove the edge loop, then thread from the ball, leave on the left needle and index finger of the left hand. Enter the right needle over the thread from right...

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What is the best glue

Hits:740 Knitted toy

Some small details, such as eyes, nose, nostrils, and other, it is better not to sew, and glue, synthetic glue — they will look neater. More practical than white PVA...

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What you need for stuffing toys

Hits:949 Knitted toy

Stuff toys can grey technical wool, foam rubber (whole or chopped), scraps of fabric, fur. But the best material for the gasket is a synthetic bulk fabric — polyester. Toys...

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What to take tools for knitting igrushki

Hits:805 Knitted toy

Yes, the most common needles, pins, thimble, scissors, hooks, needles. Needle pick different thickness and length, since the thread that you sew and embroider, will be different (figure...

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What materials will you need for knitted toys

Hits:714 Knitted toy

You don't have to look for something specifically, because we will use all that is in every home. This: the remnants of any yarn: wool, wool blend, synthetic, cotton, silk; pieces...

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Columns with nakida

Hits:959 Knitted toy

Linking a chain of the desired length, continue to knit the first row. For lifting tie two air. Now make a yo on the hook, moving it from the left...

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Polostevichi without nakida

Hits:829 Knitted toy

They usually close the chain of air loops in the ring. Enter the hook, which is the last loop of the chain in the first loop. On the hook two...

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The columns without nakida

Hits:1016 Knitted toy

Linking a chain of the desired length, continue to knit the first row. For the formation of its height connect one air loop. The chain lay along the index finger...

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Hinges or edge

Hits:824 Knitted toy

One or more of the stitches, knit in before starting a new row, referred to as loops for lifting. Their number depends on its height: before promazyvanie number of columns...

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Circular knitting

Hits:732 Knitted toy

If you want your toy does not have seams that do not always come out neat, you knit in a circle on the 5-spokes: the four are the hinges, and...

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The decrease and addition of loops

Hits:747 Knitted toy

To add a loop is better on the front side of the knitting. There are several ways of adding loops one, less visible — promazyvanie loop of the previous row...

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Hits:755 Knitted toy

  You will need some white, blue, red threads for the bells and the yellow thread for the midway. Tie a long chain of air loops, which will be...

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Fish No. 2

Hits:796 Knitted toy

This fish knit with yarns of different colors, alternating in 2 rows. The scheme of knitting shown in figure 42. Ready to fish, tie one row of columns without nakida...

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Fish No. 1

Hits:748 Knitted toy

Take bright, hard thread of medium thickness and add a thread of silver or gold lurex.   Knit according to the scheme (figure 41 a), columns without nakida tightly, to...

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Hits:791 Knitted toy

  Better knit in fine wool, synthetic or cotton thread medium hook No. 2-2,5. Tie a chain of 4 loops, lock it in a ring (figure 38).1 row —...

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Hits:764 Knitted toy

  Knit it from cotton yarn of medium thickness white in color with a yellow core or yellow with an orange heart crochet No. 2.Tie a chain of 6...

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Hits:749 Knitted toy

Knit it in fine wool, synthetic or cotton threads with a thin hook.Tie a chain of 85 loops (number of loops can be increased or reduced, then the flower will...

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Decorative panel "Basket with flowers"

Hits:817 Knitted toy

  First select the style and size of the basket (figure 44), or think for yourself. On a sheet of paper draw a basket and cut it. Ready template...

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The men of thread

Hits:844 Knitted toy

  Little colored thread can be fun decorations for children's clothes and large you can make the picture. Threads to work it is better to take not so subtle...

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Hits:731 Knitted toy

  Knitting can four threads of floss or simple coil stacked triple crochet No. 1.   Link a chain of four loops, tail in the ring prostovisa without nakida...

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Knitting daisies

Hits:734 Knitted toy

  I can knit from any cotton threads (iris, crochet, sewing, bobbin No. 10) with a thin hook. White thread tie a chain of 8 loops, tail in the...

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Hits:816 Knitted toy

     Tie them thin blue or lilac thread and a fine hook. For one flower, tie a chain of 4 loops and close into a ring with prostovisa without...

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Hits:796 Knitted toy

They can be knit from any yarn (wool, synthetic, cotton), but thin and delicate crochet No. of 0.7 - 1 cm.   For a single flower knit chain of air loops with...

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Manufacturer of tassels

Hits:832 Knitted toy

On a cardboard strip, the width of which is equal to the desired length of the tassels, wrap the thread to the desired thickness of the brush, the more threads...

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Hits:796 Knitted toy

Out of the blue thread link smooth chain of air loops with a length of 20 cm, Cut the thread and pull it in the last loop. From the chain...

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Hits:737 Knitted toy

  Along a thin pencil or knitting needle put green thread for stem. The pencil and thread make 6-10 turns of yellow floss (figure 29 a). The coils tie...

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Hits:814 Knitted toy

  Take a wooden plank and hammer in two nails at a distance of 12-15 cm from each other. Fluffy white and purple threads and make a few turns...

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A bunch of colored laces

Hits:804 Knitted toy

Very simple and lovely decoration — bunch of toe and twisted cords. Strings for cords take bright and thick or medium thickness to make the finished lace length 8 cm...

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Chain stitch

Hits:758 Knitted toy

Chain stitch (figure 25 d) is a chain of loops that emerge one from the other. It is used for embroidery. With stitches chain stitch to embroider the petals of...

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Seam "over the edge"

Hits:845 Knitted toy

Seam "over the edge" (figure 25) is used for serging detail along the edges. Stitches feature turns on the edge of tilting to left or right side. The depth of...

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Hits:762 Knitted toy

  A strip of thick paper with a width of 3 to 4 cm fold in half. In the crease put a solid green thread for the stem (figure...

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