Knitted hats

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Hat and Snood with a wavy pattern spokes Melange takes and Bacchus with twisted columns Delicate knitted beret knitting needles Knitted warm hat Women's and men's hat with deer Blue knitted hat with pompom Bright blue...

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How to knit eyelets on the cap

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Most women are engaged in this wonderful hobby for some this activity is work. It is believed that makes the most of knitting is the knitting of the scarf, and...

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Simple crochet beret

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SIZE S6 The model is made crochet. You will need: 120 g of yarn of different colours (white, light gray, pea green, gray-blue, purple, pink); hook №3; - 1 button...

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Cap JLo

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begin knitting from the center, vagim as shown in figures 1 to 7. vivasyan 5 polostevichi and close as figures 9 and 10. note the last polytypic his...

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Knitted hat with his hands

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Hats & caps size: 56. To connect spokes cap, You will need: 300 g of yarn "Magic-Super Excellence" (code 410) caramel color;knitting needles No. 2 and No. 3...

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Takes knitting from the top

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Takes consists of 6 wedges that are knitted sequentially. Dial on the spokes of 7 loops on the edge. 1P 1 yo, 1 facial 2P (and all even) all the...

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Beret JLo

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in my opinion, this pattern is openwork. first fit the elastic band, then something like this: Row 1: K1, 1 yo, K2 together, 1 yo, K2...

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cap : row 1 - in the ring (2 times around your finger) 12 lush columns , it is possible to lift to gain 3 VP , and...

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