The men of thread


Little colored thread can be fun decorations for children's clothes and large you can make the picture.

Threads to work it is better to take not so subtle, and harder to keep in shape.

The sequence of operation is shown in figure 35.

For the body of the little man cut into 6, 8 or 10 strands (depending on thickness) with a length of 14-16 cm Beam fold in half and tie tightly with a strong thread on which man will hold (figure 35 a).

Now back off to 1.5 cm from the straps and form — head- color thread, tie the entire bundle (figure 35 b).

The men of thread

For hands, cut 6 strands of length 7 cm and put across between the threads of the body. The ends of the tie colored threads (figure 3 5).

Back off about 2 cm from the head and tie a belt "waist "of man.

Girl dress trim at the bottom with scissors, and for a boy, divide the strings in half and tie each bundle at the bottom.

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