All crafts described here were knitted and crocheted. If you're proficient in knitting, one of the most ancient kinds of decorative-applied art, feel free to get to work, and if not, no problem, I will introduce the basic techniques of knitting and crochetthat you will need to complete the knitted crafts.

Learn to knit spokes and a hook № 2,5 or 3 is better from a light woolen yarn of medium thickness and thick.

In the process, you will learn how to weave the cord to make the tassel, pompon, sew items with special seams. And you definitely need to learn how to tie together the strings of a special node — it is not just useful to you, it is called the sea — so tie the rope the sailors on the ships. It is very durable and small and will be unobtrusive on knitted fabric (figure 3). For training, take the strings different colors: in the left hand bright end, while the right is dark. Put a light thread on a dark cross-shaped so that the free ends has a length of about 2 cm, then it may be easier to tie (figure 3 a). Will ocrotite the end of a bright filament of dark, movement from yourself — for yourself — from yourself (figure 3 b). Again, place the end of a bright filament on the end of a dark, Obratite his movements from myself — yourself — from yourself (figure 3). The ends lay along its filaments and holding them with your fingers and pull in opposite directions, tightening the knot (figure 3 d, e).

Crochet and knitting

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