Beads of POM-poms

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    Try to make these POM-poms bright beads on vintage phone cord (or cord connected to the spokes), and your outfit will be unforgettable. To tie the cord...

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Make a pompom

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Pompom — a good decoration for hat, scarf, VariCam, Slippers. Make it very simple. This will require a piece of cardboard, a needle with large eye, yarn, scissors. On...

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  Two different pompom: large with a diameter of 6 cm and a small diameter 4 cm connect strings, which hold the POM-poms. The eyes and buttons cut out...

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  The head and torso of a mouse is two pompom: large with a diameter of 6 cm and a small diameter of 3 cm Make them from a...

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A sunbeam

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  Do it out of bright yellow or orange threads. First make one large pompom for the head, two smaller ones — lower legs, two smaller upper legs (figure...

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Christmas tree garland

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  So colorful and fluffy balls and together with colourful garland is quite possible to decorate a Christmas tree.Garland is assembled from rings of the same crochet. Enter 10...

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Bracelets made of POM-poms

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  Now do 5 - 6 POM-poms, the same or different size, from bright filaments: red, yellow, green, blue, blue, and white and sew them onto an old hair band close...

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