Take bright, hard thread of medium thickness and add a thread of silver or gold lurex.


Fish No. 1
Knit according to the scheme (figure 41 a), columns without nakida tightly, to hold form.

Ready fish tie from three sides, "crayfish loops".

You can embroider the scales seam "back needle". For the eyes sew buttons with 2 sides and tail make three tassels length 6 cm.

For the manufacture of the brush cut into nine or twelve strings with a length of 13 cm and place 3 or 4 strands for each tassel. Hook enter the fish in the middle of the edge on the reverse side, picked up a folded bundle of yarn and pull it into the form of a loop (figure 41 b), through which route the loose ends of the threads. Pull these ends, tightening the loop (figure 41). Trim the threads with scissors. The rest of the tassels attach close to the same.

Fish No. 1

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