Shoes and booties for your Princess

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To pick up baby shoes and booties – difficult, but doable. And if you choose correctly, she will avoid the serious diseases of the legs. The worst and most common...

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Children's summer knitted top for girls

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Summer crochet baby tube top 36 size for girls 9-10 years of age. You'll need 150 grams of acrylic yarn (500 m in 100 grams) sectional dyeing pastel shades (in...

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Pink sweater for baby girl 6 - 18 months spokes

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Your attention is invited to cardigan for girls 6-18 months, this corresponds to dimensions: 68 (74) 80. To associate a jacket for girls you will needMaterials: 100...

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Dress for girls of 7 - 8 years spokes

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Tie spokes beautiful summer dress for girls of 7 - 8 years old, then your young fashionista will be the most dressy, and the dress will keep your hands warm...

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Baby booties knitting 6 - 12 months

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Presents baby booties knitting on the age of the child 6 - 12 months tally fairly quickly. This model is suitable both for boy and for girls, the main thing...

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Overalls and blouse for a newborn spokes

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Overalls and blouse for a newborn spokes will give warmth and beauty to your baby. Products suitable for age from birth to 3 months, depending on the growth of the...

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How to knit baby socks knitting needles for 3 years

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For cooler days, suitable warm and cozy socks soft wool. How to knit baby socks knitting, but also beautify the work of a mischievous baby rabbits, read on. Knit garter:...

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Knit for kids. Pullover with jacquard insert

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Pullover with jacquard insert. Knitting is a unique method to always be fashionable and beautifully dressed. The opportunity to show imagination and ingenuity. Using knitting to Express their uniqueness and...

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Knit two-tone jacket

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Knit two-tone jacket start knitting. Materials: 400 grams of wool (Baby new); spokes number 5; 6 buttons. Varieties of knitting: a) "knit stocking" - one row there, one row inside...

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Children's hooded jacket knitting

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 Children's hooded jacket knitting fairly simple in execution. It will warm your baby in any weather. Size: 74 — 80 cm Materials: thread, Atelier Zitron, Nordkap 300 g ( composition:...

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