Yes, the most common needles, pins, thimble, scissors, hooks, needles.

Needle pick different thickness and length, since the thread that you sew and embroider, will be different (figure 1), but in any case, the needle should be long and large eye. For stitching parts of a sewing thread and use a sewing needle. Have needles the tip is slightly rounded, rod is well polished, the eyelet oval, well-treated, it's important for the free occurrences of the needle in the material.

In a large eyelet darning needle easily comes thick and fluffy thread.

What to take tools for knitting igrushki

Most suitable shear length of 150-170 mm, with well sharpened blades and tips needed for cutting cloth and skeins of thread, and the middle with rounded ends for trimming of thread for knitting and embroidery (figure 2). When you work with a stupid, screwed down tight with a pair of scissors is necessary to apply more effort, which leads to rapid fatigue.


What to take tools for knitting igrushki

In addition to needles you'll need pins for fastening details.

Keep them like needles in a pincushion, which you can easily do with their hands.

Hooks and needles is chosen according to the thickness of yarn.

Thick hooks and needles for thick threads, thin — thin. Hooks and needles have their own room. The number corresponds to the diameter of the spokes and the diameter of the rod, near the head of the hook in millimeters. For example, knitting needles or hook No. 2 have a diameter of 2 mm, № 4 is 4 mm, and so on. As a rule, knitting needle and crochet hook choose two times thicker yarns, and for coarse wool, even in 2.5-3 times. However, this was not always adhered to, everyone knits differently: somebody tight, somebody is weak, so the choice of crochet or knitting is very individual. Hooks and needles are made of different materials — wood, bone, plastic, metal. Most often used hooks and needles, made of steel, they do not bend, do not break, do not stain fabric.

Still need paper for paper patterns, pencils, ruler, markers.

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