Honey Bunny

Hits:830 Small dolls

For work prepare: 15g 30g pink and white yarn of medium thickness ; hook № 3; colored oil cloth for the eyes and legs ; pieces...

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Beloved girlfriend

Hits:782 Small dolls

For work prepare: 20g pink yarn of medium thickness for the head, 10g yellow hair, blue 10g, and the blue for the dress; cardboard for the frame; hook number 3;...

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Hits:788 Small dolls

Prepare small balls of colored yarn: blue, pink, white, of medium thickness; hook № 2,5; 4 buttons.The torso, arms and legs of the pupa is composed of 40 small circles...

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Keychain Cheburashka

Hits:843 Small dolls

Beige thread to tie a chain of three loops, lock in the ring. Then knit in a circle the columns without nakida: 3 rows beige thread, then brown.Row 1...

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Keychain "Amanita"

Hits:709 Small dolls

Knitting start with the legs. Thread in white tie a chain of 3 loops lock into the ring. In the circumference of the ring link 4 column without nakida...

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