10 little Indians

Hits:853 Finger puppet theater

And with this exciting company can put serial play and enjoy yourself and friends fun performance. But first, we need to work hard.You will need: knitted gloves brown color;...

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Hits:826 Finger puppet theater

For the mane, cut a beige strings of length 5 see the Hook enter in the region of the head from behind, picked up the folded double thread and pull...

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Hits:734 Finger puppet theater

For the ears, tie hook brown thread chain of 4 loops and lock her in a circle. Round 12 tie bars without nakida and lock it.Sew ears to head away...

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Hits:782 Finger puppet theater

For work prepare: small balls of wool or synthetic yarn of medium thickness grey, white, black, brown, beige and sand colors; spokes and a hook ; a needle with large...

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Knitted mouse

Hits:808 Finger puppet theater

For eyelet tie gray crochet thread chain of 4 loops and lock her in a circle. Tie a circle of 12 columns with nakida. Close the circle, tear off...

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