You will need some white, blue, red threads for the bells and the yellow thread for the midway.

Tie a long chain of air loops, which will be hung a bell, and the last 8 of the hinges lock in the a ring (figure 43).
1 row — tie ring circumference 8 columns with nakida.
2 row — on each column of the previous row knit one convex column.
3rd row: knit as 2nd row.
4 row on the first column link petal: 1 polytypic without nakida — 2 air loop — 1 column with nakida — 1 column with two yo — 1 column with nakida — 2 air loop — 1 polytypic without nakida. The second column miss, and over the next link of the 2nd petal. So 4 petal tie and cut the thread.

At the end of the yellow strings make a big knot and secure the thread to the center of the bell.

Similarly, link 2 and bell and connect them together. Attach to metal ring and hang on the tree.


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