Linking a chain of the desired length, continue to knit the first row. For the formation of its height connect one air loop. The chain lay along the index finger of the left hand face up. Hold it with the thumb of the left hand, enter the hook into the third loop of the chain, including the loop, are on the hook, i.e. a loop hoist. Head bring the hook under thread on the index finger, grab her and pull through the loop of the chain. On a hook formed two loops (figure 5 a). Once catch up the thread and pull it through those two loops (figure 5 b). So, we get the first column. The second column and all subsequent knit similarly, inserting a hook in series in each loop of the chain.

Crochet the next row, do not remove hook from loop, turn work to other side (this is the reverse side of the canvas) and knit one air loop for lifting. Enter the hook into the third loop of the chain, counting the loop on the hook, tie a column without nakida. Continue to knit columns on all loops of the chain.

Please note that the hook is not in the middle, and under the entire loop of the previous row (figure 5).

In the circuit patterns of the columns without nakida, indicated by x — x x x

The columns without nakida

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