Pillow Turtle

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You will need: yarn of medium thickness white, beige, sand, brown and dark brown colors; hook number 3; backing cloth brown 40x 45 cm ; needle ; 2черные buttons...

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Pillow "Levushka"

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Head Levushka link thread sandy color of the two halves and connect as the head of the kittens (see figure 80).Mane follow brown thread. In each loop of last...

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Such a friendly couple kittens — black and white — can be hung on the wall or put on the sofa, the chairs. Their thick knit cotton yarn hook number...

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Toy pillows "Tiger"

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Prepare to work the needles, a hook, a yarn orange, brown, pink colors, scissors, needle, reel of thread.   First tie spokes hosiery knitting 10 equal squares of...

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Cushion cover "Ladybird"

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   In such a case you can get a pillow and pajamas for the whole day. To work, you can use any yarn (wool, synthetic, cotton), the average thickness...

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Funny cushions

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 Do not rush to throw away the roller with a old grandma's sofa or a mattress from the crib, from which you've grown. Their "Pets" that serve you and a...

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