This seam is used for connecting and fastening parts. The front side of the stitch looks like a machine-and deservedly so-called "stitching". The suture is performed from right to left (figure 2 5 b). Attach yarn on the wrong side and pull the thread on the front side. Make two stitches with the seam "forward needle" and pull the thread on the front side. Now make a puncture with a needle to the back of the first stitch, and passing on the wrong side a distance twice top stitch, withdraw the needle to the front side, pull out the thread. Following puncture with a needle do again in the opposite direction at the end of the last stitch. With the wrong side again miss double the distance of the top of the stitch. The top stitches should be equal in length — 0,5-0,7 see

Seam back needle

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