Knitting can four threads of floss or simple coil stacked triple crochet No. 1.


Link a chain of four loops, tail in the ring prostovisa without nakida. Now knit circle.
1 row of 8 columns without nakida in the ring circumference.
2 row 16 columns without nakida.
3, 4, 5, 6 rows — knit without additions, i.e., 16 columns without nakida in the series.

Inside the berries put wool or remnants of thread and tie the last seven rows, subtracting columns. Skip every other column. 7 row — 8 columns without nakida. To do this, sew the needle and thread around the edge of the fabric seam "forward needle" and tighten the thread.




The remaining loops pull the thread. You can knit another option. 3 air loop lock in the ring.
1 row with 5 columns without nakida in the ring circumference;
2 row and 10 columns;
3 row and 20 columns;
4 and 5 of row 20 of columns;
6 row 2 column, 1 column skip;
7th row — as 6th row.

Tie a few of these berries, you can in different sizes and connect them with a chain of air loops. Leaf do the same from a closed chain of air loops.

By the end of the Rowan sew a little black bead (figure 34 a).at the base of strawberry (figure 34 b) and raspberry (figure 34) green embroider floss leaves, on the berries of strawberry embroider speckles or sew the white beads.


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