Typing loop, remove one needle and take it in your right hand and the needle with the gathered loops to the left. Both ends of the threads to the right. Before knitting the loops should be removed, not promazyvaya, extreme loop — edge. To do this, lift up the thread from the ball and put it on the spoke and index finger of the left hand, and the other fingers hold the thread. The end of the right spokes enter the first loop from right to left and put a loop on her, not promazyvaya, that is, remove it. Take the thread between the spokes and leave it on the index finger.
So take off the first edge loop at the beginning of each row.
The last loop of the row (same columns) always, regardless of the pattern, knit the front loop.
Once the edge loop removed, begin knitting the front loop.
Enter the right needle into the next loop on the left needle from left to right (figure 20 ) and, taking the thread with index finger, pull it into the loop and bring the new loop on the left spokes on the right. Similarly provarite all the remaining loops of the initial number. When all the loops on the left spokes will move to the right, is associated one row.
Starting the next row, in the right hand again, take an empty needle and the left needle loops, a thread should be on the right, and all repeat again.
Schema patterns the front of a loop represent a blank cell — The front loop

The front loop

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