If you want your toy does not have seams that do not always come out neat, you knit in a circle on the 5-spokes: the four are the hinges, and the fifth to knit.

On two spokes, put together, type the desired number of stitches (often a multiple of four), for example, 20 loops. After dialing one of the spokes pull out of the loops. Now tighter provarite the first row of the front and the hinges, simultaneously spreading them to the four spokes in the following way: 5 loops tie the first needle, take the second blank needle and provarite 5 loops of dreams and take the empty third needle and provarite 5 loops 5 loops last blank knit fourth needle. All loops are four spokes, and the fifth is empty. Now join the knitting into a circle. For this end of the thread from the stacked series and the thread of a ball tie with two knots, thus combining the first and fourth spokes. Turned out the circle of the loops, where there are edges and edge loops. Then knit clockwise around the outside of the circle. In front of you all the time is the front side of the knitting, and for receiving hosiery knitted enough all loops in all rows knit (figure 24).

Circular knitting

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