A cat with a mouse

Hits:925 Application in knitting

  Cat and mouse cut out one part with the addition to the seams 0.5 cm on the drawing (figure 65). The head, ears, muzzle, tail, cat embroider black...

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Frog with flower

Hits:829 Application in knitting

  First, make a pattern in full size in the drawing (figure 63). Prepare the pillowcase in the background, which will be appliqued. One instance of the pattern is...

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Hits:773 Application in knitting

  Tie two circles of columns without nakida: one large any size a brown thread for the head, the other with a diameter equal to the radius of the...

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Hits:770 Application in knitting

  Tie a circle of any diameter, then the ears (figure 59). For beanie knit chain of air loops along the length of the diameter of the circle...

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Applique for sweaters boy

Hits:752 Application in knitting

Face tie, like girlsmaking a circle of any diameter. For ear knit chain of air loops along the length of the ear and secure it with the column without...

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Applique for sweaters girl

Hits:801 Application in knitting

  For the face, white or pink crochet thread to tie a chain of three loops and close into a ring with prostovisa without nakida. In the ring link...

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Giraffe with centimeter

Hits:847 Application in knitting

  And such a useful thing it is necessary to hang up beside my bed and every morning to check on how much you have grown, they say that...

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Wall panels

Hits:864 Application in knitting

  From a very simple geometrical figures — square, triangle, rectangle, trapezoid, circle, dream up, you can make an interesting mural on the wall. The options shown in figure...

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Hits:741 Application in knitting

Applique (from the Latin word application — attachment) is a way to create ornaments by imposing various forms of the same material and fixing them on the other material as...

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