Crochet always starts with a chain composed of loops.

Take the end of yarn from the skein and place it on the index finger of the left hand so that the end length 4 - 5 cm hanging yourself.

Take the hook in your right hand and hold it like holding a pencil. The head of the hook should always be turned on you. For the formation of the first loop of the chain, move the hook under the thread on the index finger and the movement of the right hand in a clockwise direction make a full turn of the hook with the thread (figure 4 a). Get a loop. Keep it loose, not tightening. For the formation of the second loop head bring the hook under the thread on the forefinger with the left hand grab and pull into the loop on the hook (figure 4 b). This is repeated until then, until you connect a chain the desired length (figure 4). After the fulfillment of each of the two loops of the chain push with the thumb of the left hand down. All the loops of the chain should be equal and the same, after all, what is the chain depends largely on the beauty of the whole work.

Schema-patterns of the air loop has its own symbol — a small circle, and a chain of air loops represent the circles are located one behind the other On how many circles, so many of the stitches you need to crochet through. In some patterns, not to draw each circle, the chain depicted by the solid line (arc), and under it write the number. It determines the amount of air loops.

The basic techniques of crochet

The basic techniques of crochet

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