Link a chain of four loops and connect it into a ring with prostovisa without nakida. Ring tie 8 columns without nakida, inserting the hook into the center ring (scope chain). Instead of the first column connect one air loop lifting, then 7 columns without nakida. After finishing a row, lock it prostovisa without nakida. To do this, hook the last loop from the eighth column enter in the first air loop of the row, grab the yarn and pull it through two loops. So every row of the circle will have a beginning and an end: the series begins with one air loop and ends with a closing circle, i.e. by connecting the beginning of the series with the end of polytypical without nakida.

In the second row on each loop of the first row provarite two columns. Only 1 will be 6 columns (1 air loop and 15 columns). In the third row — one loop, one column without nakida the next two columns, and so on. There will be 2 column 4 (1 air loop and a column 23). In the fourth row on the first and second loops on one column, the next two columns, and so on. Only 32 column. In the following rows, the interval between the additions gradually increase to three, four or more columns. In each row increases by 8 columns. Knitting is performed correctly if the associated circle lies on the table smooth, no bristling or Vice versa, not pulled. Scheme knitting circle shown in figure 14.


Knitting round parts

Attention! If you have colored cloth, you will need to change the filament after a certain number of rows. The thread thus does not break off. When knitting flat fabric first air loop for lifting promazyvaya new thread. When knitting in a circle, finishing the first round one last column closes with the first, and the chain of air loops of the next cycle start a thread of a different color.

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