Knitting daisies


I can knit from any cotton threads (iris, crochet, sewing, bobbin No. 10) with a thin hook. White thread tie a chain of 8 loops, tail in the ring with prostovisa without nakida (figure 33 a).

1 row of 8 columns without nakida in the ring circumference.

2nd row — in each loop of the first row knit the petals: 1 column without nakida — 5 loops — 1 column with 3 yo and air loops — 1 column without nakida.

Linking 8 petals, close the circle, tear off the thread.

The core of daisy tie a yellow thread to the columns without nakida. Secure the thread at the base of the first petal and tie in a circle, inserting the hook into each loop of the first row. In the next row knit, skipping every second column. Finish in a row, the thread is secure on the reverse side.

A flower can be part of a piece associated with green thread on the diagram (figure 33 b). On the leaf, embroider the veins of a seam "forward a needle".

Daisies can decorate the yoke and hem of a child's dress, hat, pocket, etc.

Knitting daisies

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