Knitting needles come in different types — with one or two working ends (figure 17).




Spoke with one working end, and a ring or ball on the other usually knit components of the garment, having two sides closed edge (figure 17A).

The spokes with the two working ends (the instrument of five short needles) used for circular knitting socks, mittens, hats, toys (figure 17 b). For knitting large articles in a circle used the spokes where non-connected ends of the fishing line (figure 17).



The ends of the spokes should be of good quality, no chipping. Then knitting will give You pleasure. They must not be very sharp, not to isolate fingers and not to break the thread, and very blunt: a blunt needle is difficult to enter the loop. Fix the end of the metal spokes can with a file or sandpaper.

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