Chain stitch (figure 25 d) is a chain of loops that emerge one from the other. It is used for embroidery. With stitches chain stitch to embroider the petals of flowers, branches with leaves, parts of the face, we can form a broken chain, okantovany circuit applications, etc.

Secure the thread on the reverse side of the part. Pull the thread on the front side and lay the loop over the top of the canvas. Enter the needle from the front side in the same puncture, which leaves the filament, and print on the front side in the end of the next loop. Pull out the thread. Again put it in the form of a loop and hold with the thumb of the left hand. Next make a puncture in the exit of the filament, and withdraw the needle at the end of the loops, the length of which shall be equal to the length of the preceding loop.

Chain stitch

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