Linking a chain of the desired length, continue to knit the first row. For lifting tie two air. Now make a yo on the hook, moving it from the left side of the under thread on the index finger (figure 7 a). Hook and loop with nakida, enter in the fourth loop of the chain, grab the thread and pull it through the loop. On the hook now three loops (loop, yo, loop). Provarite them for two times. First catch up the thread with the index finger and just pull it through two loops — loop and yo (figure 7 b). Then again, catch the thread and pull it through the remaining two loops (figure 7). One column is associated. So provarite columns with nakida in each loop of the chain. Before starting the next row make two air loops for lifting. Now make a yo on hook, enter it under the fourth loop of chain, pull up a loop and concatenate the column with nakida, as described above.


Columns with nakida


Schema-patterns of columns with nakida are indicated by long vertical and a small horizontal line — Columns with nakida.

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