You don't have to look for something specifically, because we will use all that is in every home. This:
  • the remnants of any yarn: wool, wool blend, synthetic, cotton, silk;
  • pieces of fabric left after sewing, the color of the leather from old belts, bags, shoes;
  • sewing thread assorted colors, embroidery floss, buttons;
  • colored buckram (the old book covers).
In the work, you can use faux fur from old toys and hair from an old doll. Only it should be previously put in order. Hair wash with soap and water, comb and tie braid so as not crumbled. Fur details of the toys: wash the bottle in hot soapy water, thoroughly vyprosit and, without unscrewing, hang to dry. Dry the fur thoroughly comb with a wire brush or comb — it will be almost like new. For whiskers you will need fishing line and cord of different colors. Some toys require frame — soft (aluminum ) wire with a diameter of 1.5-2 mm.
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