Remove the edge loop, then thread from the ball, leave on the left needle and index finger of the left hand. Enter the right needle over the thread from right to left in the first loop on the left needle. The end of the right needle move to the right and place on top of left needle and the thread (figure 21). Grab the thread and bring it back into the loop, the descending loop knit from left needle.


The reverse loop

Provarite so the whole number and the last edge of the front.

Schema patterns the reverse loop is depicted as cells with a small horizontal dash — The reverse loop

There is another way of vyvazhivanija front and back loops, but it is rarely used and we do not consider.

Attention! Starting to knit the row in a different color, edging promazyvaya the front loop of the thread of the new color. This is the rare case when the edge is not removed, and promazyvaetsya.

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