On a cardboard strip, the width of which is equal to the desired length of the tassels, wrap the thread to the desired thickness of the brush, the more threads, the more magnificent the brush. Then tear off the thread end pass the needle and, several times, threading it under the wound yarn, tighten the upper part of the brush (figure 30 a).


Manufacturer of tassels

Remove the cardboard and form the head of the brush. To do this a few times, wrap the tassel with thread and tie off (figure 30 b).

The strings of the lower part of the brush cut and trim with scissors (figure 30).

Tassels can be not only a Supplement to toys, but also be decorations. Only do not regret threads look good lush brushes high quality and beautiful threads.


Manufacturer of tassels

Old carpet on the wall will sparkle with bright colors if you fill it with colored tassels on both long and short cords (figure 30 g). Only the power cords carefully secure inside the brush. To do this, not knotting yarns tassels, put a cord with a knot along the thread (figure 30). Tie the top part of the brush, then head over the knot of the cord (figure 30 e).



Manufacturer of tassels       Manufacturer of tassels

If you make the brush longer, you can tie them several times and threads of different colors or finishing braid, which is to sew on colourful buttons, beads, beads (figure 30 g).


Manufacturer of tassels

You can make a cascade of tassels on one zone. Or a large brush to put some small (figure 30 h). A lot of options! Be creative!

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