Crochet decoration for window



Size 10 x 10 cm
You will need: 50 grams of cotton yarn blue; remains of white yarn; 2 white pearls; hook № 1-1,25.
Work performance: to start with sharp end parts; tie a blue thread chain of 5 air. p., to close Conn. art. in the ring and knit the direct and inverse ranks according to the scheme 1. After the 8th R. the thread to trim and attach it to the arrow. For the rounded parts on both sides to tie the 4 semi-circular rows, then the entire part to tie the white thread circular rows A and B. To the part to sew on pearls (see photo). From each Pico to pull one loop, brush them with textile glue to fill in one-half of the acrylic heart and shut it down. For the edging to tie a chain of 4 air. p., to close Conn. art. in the ring and knit until the desired length according to scheme 2, by repeating the 2nd and 3rd R. Edging to glue on the joint. Tie the cord to any length according to scheme 3, repeating from 1 to 4, R. Cord to extend through the eye.

Crochet decoration for window Crochet decoration for window

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