Knit yourself a cover for handles
Gold handles. Make ourselves hard to handle.

Especially for those who love to knit!

So, practical ETUI for pens do this:

Crochet a chain of 15 stitches. Close the chain to form a ring. Ring knit on a tube with its length of 12 cm.

Reducing the end the number of loops, tube ends.

You can now link the cord-the pendant from the chain loops or columns with nakida, and its valley must be 70 inches to be knit to match the case, and regular fabric, you can sew the ribbon.

Decorate a box can be a flower, which you can buy in the store, sew ribbons or tie thread in tone. If you decide to knit a flower, then make 10 petals, which are knitted on a first chain: first knit a ring, to which are gradually added petal by petal.

All. Original box ready. Now the handles will not have to seek – they are always at hand!

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