Knitted Scarf
Scarf knit from yarn left after knitting the dresses which will wear it. The size of the scarf is 1.40 cm x 40 cm If threads-crochet, then begin to knit a scarf with the main chain of 160 of the stitches where you knit cells: 80 columns with nakida with an air loop between them. Continue to knit the lattice, inserting the hook under a loop of cells of the previous row.

At the ends of the scarf to bind the brush. To do this, take a small book with a continuous solid, a width about 20 cm, the wound on her thread in a row, turn to turn, along the entire length of the book, cut these coils from the outside, which opens the book, to decompose the received thread on the table and separate them into strands, four strands each.

Spread the scarf on the table so that its edge hanging off the table 10 cm Put on knitted scarf heavy object so it does not slid off of the table.

Enter the hook into the first cell of the scarf, picked up the strands of the four strands in the middle, pull the loop through the box, then pull this loop through all eight ends of the threads of strands and tighten. After tie tassels around the edge of the scarf, tie a knot, stepping back from the edge of the scarf two to three centimeter, four threads of two adjacent brushes. Stepping back two or three inches from this row of knots, tie a knot in the four strands of each brush. Nodules of this second row will be located between the knots of the previous row.

Tie the brush to the other end of the scarf.

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