1. To begin, select a yarn (preferably cotton for summer and acrylic for autumn / winter). You will need a roll of black 50g, 50g raspberry 50g white (not consumed whole). Hook No. 2. The cords 80 cm white.

2. Link 15 vozduschnaya loops + 2 loops hoist. and tie in a circle the bars without nakida 4 laps. Promazyvaya on each curve (mysocket and heels) in each air loop, 2 column with nakida. (addition made to the turnover order that the sole is not twisted).

3.On the 5th lap you on the back stop to add columns and knit into each loop at 1 tobiko and you will see that you will begin to climb the walls of booties.


Knitted baby shoes


4. 6 row you attach the thread to the crimson white and promazyvaya 1 row of columns without nakida

5. 7th row you promazyvaya white thread columns without nakida. And have got this striped boat

6. In the middle on both sides the middle of booties and attach black yarn. Provarite from the middle stony right to mid-left side of the row of columns without nakida. You now have the outline, here on it provarite from 6 to 8 rows up. The last row tie a crimson thread of columns without nakida.

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