How often romantic nature wonder, what a cute little gift to make his beloved. In this case craftswomen are in a more advantageous position - they can create a beautiful gift with your own hands and invest in it the warmth of his soul. Especially for this occasion we will explain how you can relate to the heart crochet, having spent a minimum of time and materials.
Bright heart hook can be hung on a keychain, attach a magnet to the refrigerator, decorate them with soft toys and many other things that tells you your imagination.
How to knit heart crochetMaterials:
  • hook No. 2
  • cotton yarn red or pink color,
  • the filler (padding polyester, hollofayber),
  • satin ribbon
  • rhinestone or bead,
  • magnet
Tie two identical parts.
1 row: type 4 air loop, tail in the ring.
A number of 2 - link 6 columns without nakida.
3 a number - then double all the loops (make 12 loops).
4 row in the next row evenly add 6 loops (will turn 18 loops).
5-7 - then knit without additions of 3 series.
Cut the thread, leaving the end with a length of about 15-20 cm Loop and leave it open.

The second part is similar tie. Put the loop of the first part on the hook and continue knitting in a circle the first part, using a working thread. Not dokazyvaya from the first part 4 and the second loop, skip 4 loops, then knit in a circle, gradually filling with polyester wadding. Then set aside the working thread. Return to the trimmed thread. Attach the two parts together on the inside, provyazat 4 column without nakida. Then knit around again working thread, gradually subtracting the number of loops until the hook will not remain 1 loop. Close the loop. Make satin ribbon bow, sew to the heart, decorate with rhinestone or bead. Sew a small magnet or a loop of satin ribbon. Surround the heart, crocheted ready.
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