Crochet socks crochet
Knitting socks with crochet hook. Beginning knitting is performed by the hook dial 36 loops aerial chain, pink thread. Combine the chain ring. Banded ring, columns without nakida twelve rows. Then knit four rows in white yarn. 16th row: * turn the product vivasyan twenty columns without nakida*, again knit from *-* eleven series. Then crochet exclusively average six loops (20 related) ten rows. Vivasyan the heel stitches and then knit in a circle, reducing sides in every second row 4 times in 2 loops. Try the product during knitting. Vivasyan to the base of the fingers. Knit thumb: about seventeen columns without nakida seven rows, all other fingers are knit separately in the rest of the loops of seven series. Diminish and contractible loops for the corner finger. Knit the next sock symmetrically. Flower: Dialed 4 air loop white yarn, joining in the ring first row in the center of the ring Waite * column with nakida, two air loops* so vivasyan 5 times. 2nd row-in each cell Waite the column without nakida, 3 column with nakida and 1 column without nakida. 3rd row- * vivasyan the column without nakida in the loop of the 1st row, three hanging loops * repeat 5 times. 4th row- are finished with pink yarn, in each cell Waite - column without nakida, two columns with nakida, two columns with two brides, two columns with nakida, column without nakida. Vivasyan for individual toes three flowered.

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