Crochet accessories – belts
Any girl, a girl, a woman with me will definitely agree that accessories is never enough! Gloves, parasols, handbags, belts. All these details give the image a unique appearance, a kind of zest and flavor originality. But it is very difficult to be so mysterious and personal, if all the shelves in the stores contain approximately the same range. For the rescue is already a favourite of all needlework, namely a hook, strings, beads and a little imagination.

Here are a few examples. In the wardrobe were a lovely summer dress in cotton with ornament, but here's the problem – it is black, but is your favorite! Let's add in a set narrow band of colors that match the ornament. You'll see, dress from sparkle with new colors. Start – in our case it is based on the thread "iris", the color green. Determined by the length of the belt, to do this try on your waistline drawstring and tie it so that You feel comfortable – this will be the length of Your peacock. Recruit an air loop, such as to fit the entire length of the belt, a second row of simple columns – do the form, the third row – column with nakida, air one, skip one loop on the base and again the column with nakida, continue in this technique four number of, more often if You want a wider belt. The last row is again a simple column. Billet ready – added paints. Once again, we use the colors present in the ornament. Are finished crocheting all the rows of columns with yo, to get the braid, from one end to the other, along the entire length. And add zavyazochki, small braids out of the stitches with beads on the end. Peacock ready.

Try to communicate more and the Eastern belt, it is different from the previous abundance of different beads, like size and color are different from each other, and ornament. Are finished harvesting for the previous example, only is necessary that the binding was not very dense, but rather weak, slabinki is different beads. Holding the workpiece is threaded in the thread of the same color and strung bead – pinned several times by threading the thread on the underside of the belt, again go to the face and put another bead. Be sure to uniformly distribute beads at the required distance from each other and a good clamp. The tips can also be done out of the stitches, only beads not secure at the ends, and the knot along the entire length. And don't worry if in the process of "socks" beads will be twisted, You'll bring them back.

Such belts can easily be knit for a couple of hours even aspiring needlewoman and so fun to color your closet. As a solo female never go unnoticed!

Be creative, make friends with the hook and yarn and easy stitches!

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