Beautiful knit scarf with ruffles.

Beautiful knit scarf with ruffle
For work we need:

  • textured yarn, such as "Fantasy", 150 gr. Composition yarn: 50*50 acrylic wool, 160 m per 100 g
  • yarn type "CASHMIRA", for example, red color, 100 gr.

The composition of the yarn: wool 100%, 300 m, 100 gr.

  • hook No. 3
  • spokes number 4 and number 7

The main pattern.

  • The front surface, consisting of facial and purl loops.
  • Garter knit, consisting of facial and purl rows.
  • The pattern is "Lumpy", consisting of a single loop from which vymazyvaja five loops. A front loop, yo, one facial, yo, one facial. Turn binding. Five wrong. Work turn. Five facial loops. Expandable binding. Five of purl loops. Binding turn. Five loops to tie the front together.

The density of the knit.

12 loops and 18 rows, equal to 10*10 cm in This case, if the yarn of a selected type "Fantasy", the spokes №7.

19 loops, 24 row, equals 10*10 cm in This case, if the yarn of a selected type "CASHMIRA", spokes number 4.

The progress of the work. How to knit?

Thread "CASHMIRA" recruited three loops on needle four, knit garter fabric and at the same time, randomly, as I want you are finished the pattern "Bump".

Our scarf began to expand in width, it is necessary during mating, on both sides to add in each new ryadochek one of the loops. That is, in the end, you should get - rows 112, 227 loops.

Povezav a height of 37 cm from the edge of the fabric where loops were recruited, all loops must be closed.

Knit ruffles for scarves.

On the two sides of our scarves, thread, "Fantasy", on the spokes "seven", we collect and knit loops so that one loop was three.

Thus are finished 15 cm cloth front surface, straight blade. Then the loop must be closed.

The top edge of the ruff, banded ryadochek single – column without nakida, any textured yarn, in this case, we have taken the yarn is "Fantasy", you can choose any other thread.

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