Amigurumi – part toys

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About amigurumi lovely, touching knitted toys can talk endlessly. It is made of several separately connected parts of the torso, muzzle, paws and legs. And how they are diverse is...

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Knitted toys – Amigurumi

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Knitted toys – Amigurumi. Amigurumi – stunning knitted toys. They came to us from the land of the rising sun – the mysterious Japan. Came and conquered all of Russian...

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Big Wow

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  You will need: 50 g of the bright half-woolen yarn of medium thickness; some red yarn for beret, buttons for eyes red embroidery floss, cardboard and wire...

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Carlson, who lives on the roof

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              You will need: ...

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Crochet cakes

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Crochet cakes will not add any calories, but it will be a great toy for a child or just to decorate the kitchen interior. They look delicious and festive. Materials: cotton...

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