Crochet coasters
You like to treat yourself to some tea, sitting in front of a computer monitor? Or sitting on the fluffy couch with the book? And where You put your favorite mug? I doubt that the polished surface of a table or a leather armrest. In this case, You just need to get Cup holders.

Coasters come in two types: flat – such as in Pubs cardboard, only related. High that grasping a glass or mug, the so – called "cozy".

Round, simple coasters tally elementary: promazyvaya 5 loops, round out the first loop and just the column without nakida knit in a circle. When knitting a coaster better to use wool rather large and the corresponding hook below the product turned out dense. Round are finished before the required sizes. You can associate a monochromatic coasters that will fit the style of Your kitchen, you can experiment and link colorful apples – three red, three yellow and three green, enough not only to You but also Your family. For the Cup holders – apples definitely need to add a stick, a leaf and a ponytail. The tail is threaded some crochet thread through the outermost loop, connected at the base and clipped at the tip. Wand vivaselecta as follows – promazyvaya 8 loops, then without nakida rise and promazyvaya 2 rows of 8 loops attached diagonally from the extreme tail of the loop. Vivasyan leaf. Using green yarn are finished ten loops, fold in half and are finished between themselves, then begin to knit the rectangle is not touching the columns without nakida. On last row make a sharp corner, promazyvaya one-loop three loops with stitches. The apples are ready. And it is possible to associate the avant-garde coasters – promazyvaya each circle of yarn of different colors and let Your life become brighter.

High holders, or the sweater for the mug. To tea stayed hot longer to mug without scalding the hands, and the evening became more and more comfortable – put your mug in the winter in cozy sweaters. Knitting them is easy. The bottom of the Cup are finished as a round Cup holder, and then begin to climb using columns with nakida, do not forget after each number to try the product on Your mug, so that when he reached the pen /as funny as it sounds/ make the gap between the rows. Conceding a pen You can continue to tie the loop in a circle, and can link the two sides Flirty ribbon or wool of a different color, tying the bow. Design we'll leave entirely to Your imagination. But one thing I can say with certainty that hot mulled wine is viscous and pleasant home of mugs in cozy clothes.

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