Openwork dress associated techniques Hypernova and Brightcove lace

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Light, airy dress in the techniques associated coupling Hypernova and Brightcove lace. Partial dyeing of ready-made elements, a trademark of the author, giving a modern look to an ancient art. The...

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The smart kit crochet

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Elegant set: a dress and a shawl to crochet. Crocheted panels connected on the plug give the originality and uniqueness of this model. Size: 44-46. You will need: 100...

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Crochet dress crochet Alisa

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Author L. Sinelnikova Model knit sundress crochet made in an arbitrary combination technique of knitting with the use of elements creates the look of embroidery "Richelieu" (author's development)...

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Blue laced summer dress crochet

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  Laced summer dress is a fashion trend this summer season and are intended for true fashionistas who love exclusive and original clothing. What you need to vyvazhivanija dresses: ...

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