Knitted picnic blanket
The size of the finished knitted plaid will be: 110 cm by 70 cm.

To tie a knitted blanket crochet you will need:

  • Thirty grams of white yarn. Composition: 50 percent wool and 50 percent acrylic.
  • Thirty grams of yarn turquoise color. Composition: 50: 50.
  • Thirty grams of yarn light pink color. The staff is the same.
  • Thirty grams of pink yarn. The staff is the same.
  • Further, thirty grams of the same composition, take yarn colors: light beige, red and purple, blue and green. The brown and yellow. And more colors: blue, crimson, dark green, Burgundy, bright blue. Further, dark brown, light green, lilac, hot pink, black, grey.

You can take your favorite colors.

- Only need one crochet hook, number – 2.5

The pattern of the plaid.

Plaid crochet you will knit the pattern "grandma's square".


Recruit a short chain with four eyelets the air type. Yarn – white. Close it in a ring with a single prostovisa. Next are finished in a circle: two air, three polostevichi with stitches, two air, a pair of columns with nakida. And so to the end ring. Repeat a couple more times. Importantly, in the corners to add in each ryadochek two air loops and one column with nakida. Rows:

First – Fifth. The white thread.

Six Or Seven. The turquoise color.

Eighth. Pale pink thread.

The ninth row. A light beige color.

Tenth. Purple threads.

Eleven. A red thread.

Twelve. Blue.

Thirteen. Green yarn.

Fourteen – Fifteen. Yellow thread.

Sixteen. Brown yarn.

Seventeen – Eighteen. Pink thread.

Nineteen. Knit with blue thread.

Twentieth row promazyvaetsya yellow thread.

Twenty-one Twenty – two. A crimson color.

Twenty-third row fit gray thread.

Twenty-four or Twenty-five. Dark green yarn.

Twenty-six. Blue string.

Twenty-seven or Twenty-eight. The white thread.

Twenty-nine. Burgundy yarn.

Thirtieth to Thirty – first. Bright blue yarn.

Thirty-second row. Again yellow.

Thirty-third row promazyvaetsya dark brown thread.

Thirty-four. Pale pink thread.

Thirty-five. Light green color.

Thirty-six. Lilac thread.

Thirty-seven. Again, yellow.

Thirty-eight. A dark green color.

Thirty-nine. Pink.

Forty – Forty-one. Purple.

Forty-second ryadochek are finished with a light pink color thread.

Forty-three or Forty-four. Burgundy color.

Forty-five Forty-six. Blue yarn.

Forty-seventh row tally yellow thread.

Forty-eighth and Forty-ninth series made out of bright pink thread.

Fifty - Fifty-second. The black yarn.

Turned out the base of the rug connected by way of "grandma's square".

Assembly plaid.

Knitted picnic blanket you tie a single ryadochek columns without nakida, around the perimeter of the product.

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