An elegant addition to the costume is a pair of crocheted lace gloves.

Crochet lace gloves
To prepare for knitting a spool of white thread and crochet hook No. 1.

To crochet a chain of five loops, then tie on the second and third loops of the column without nakida, while in the fourth loop - two columns without nakida. Turn the work, tie one boundary of the air loop and the column without nakida in the first two columns without nakida, while in the third - two columns without nakida, leaving the fourth column nepovezane, which, together with the regional air loop forms a clove.

So knit stripe 36 cm long, twice longer than the circumference of the wrist. Fold the strip in half, sew with needle teeth on the edge, clove the clove, and the edges round it, forming a double edge gloves. At the other edge of the edges starting to knit a glove-series in the front and back sides.

To tie in the front row chaining of the two loops from clove to clove. Then knit bars and only the rear part of the brush knit five stripes of three columns with nakida each directed along the fingers of the hand. Four of them are knit parallel, and the fifth is rejected to the thumb due to the additions. To count the rows begin on a number of chains over the edge of the gloves. Tie five rows of 50 cells grid with two air loops between two adjacent columns with nakida in each. Then tie three rows of 100 consecutive columns with nakida in each, and in the ninth row knit again 50 cells in the grid. In the tenth row on the cells over the fingers begin to knit three columns with nakida, and the rest - bars. To close the tenth row and continue to knit rows in a circle. Place the closure of a number must be in the middle of the palm. Description crochet glove is for left hand. The second glove can be knit as the first one, and then remove it.

So, in the tenth row from the middle of the palm connected 14 cells grid, three columns with nakida, six cells in the grid, three columns with nakida, five cells of a grid, three columns with nakida, the four squares of the grid, three columns with nakida, the four squares of the grid, three columns with nakida and 14 cells of the lattice. The first three columns with nakida form a belt, which pass over the thumb of the left hand.

In the 11th row, bind 13 cells grid, and over 14-th cell of the previous row to tie three columns with nakida. Then tie a chain of two loops and three columns with nakida on the square after three columns with nakida previous row.

After this second group of three columns with nakida tie the four squares of the grid, three columns with nakida, a chain of two loops, three columns with nakida, and so forth, that is, in the even-numbered rows in the strips on the fingers to knit one group of three columns with nakida, and in odd - two groups to the right and to the left of the group of the previous row, and above it, the cell lattice. Starting with the 13th row, add ten times to the right and left of the first band over your thumb on the column with nakida with one air loop in front of a group of three columns with nakida and after in the even rows and before the first group and the second group in the odd rows, vymazyvaja over them in the next row in the cell grid. Thus, considering each group of three columns with nakida in the box, instead of the 50 cells in each row after these increases will have 70 cells. All these added 20 cells are grouped around the band over your thumb, which begin to knit in a circle in the 24th row. If you find that the width is not sufficient, add in the 23rd row of two cells, to Bind 10 rows, 20 cells each, vymazyvaja and strip over your finger, and in the last four or five ranks, subtract four or five cells in a row, tighten the last loop, cut the thread and hide the end so as not to be seen. It is best to thread the end of the thread in the needle and sew the last row to not be dismissed.

Continue to knit the glove in a circle eight series, for 50 cells in each row. In the 32nd row, allocate 50 cells as follows: for the index finger - 16 cells, for secondary - 17, untitled - 14, and little finger for 10 cells.

As for the index finger 16 cells is too low, between the thumb and middle finger to tie a chain of six to eight loops and knit finger gloves in a circle, linking over the chain of five cells of the lattice. After 12 rows to diminish the loop five or six rows and finish finger gloves, sewing up the top end.

Middle finger to knit, adding one more chain between him and the ring finger and so on.

Tie two small buttons or link buttons in two columns without nakida and sew them to the edge of the gloves, and on the other hand to link the two hanging loops and chain loops.

Instead of double edge with teeth, you can tie the edge columns without nakida.

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