Marine life. Knitting crochet doilies with diagrams Have you been on the sea fishing? If not, join us soon, you will love this lesson because it is similar to knitting. But the main thing - don't forget the hook! Look what a rich haul today. To help you this article "Marine life. Crochet napkin crochet with diagrams".
Required materials:
cotton yarn (280 m/50 g) orange, white and black colors;
hook №1,25 – 1,5.

Sea star, with a diameter of 20 cm
Tie thread orange chain of nine loops. And seal it in one of the connecting column in the ring. Next knit circular rows of scheme 1. Eight rows from the start knitting knit five rays separately, performing from the ninth to the eighteenth series (see arrows A). After thread in white put an asterisk next to the nineteenth, by attaching the thread at the arrow, your eyes and mouth of a starfish (see photo).
Fish, size of 21 x 24 cm
Tie yarn orange chain of thirty-two air loops + four air lift loops and knit according to scheme 2. Execute from the first to the thirty-fifth series (color photo). Tie the thread of orange color lucky fin, attaching the thread at the arrow In and performing with the thirty-sixth to thirty-eighth series. The second lucky fin tie similarly. Your mouth floss black.
Marine life. Knitting crochet doilies with diagrams
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