While children learn to be careful, take a long time. And now they are everywhere, climb and wipe his knees, and often leave spots of juice on his clothes. To hide the soiled places will help bright appliques crochet. Appliques crochet (+ schema)Materials:
  • Mariposa cotton yarn, color white, beige, light yellow, red and brown, 125 m/50 g;
  • hook № 2,75
Appliques crochet (+ schema) 1. Tie round the base, used for ranks 1-3 white yarn, 4-th — beige, for rows 5 through 8-Oh - light yellow. Tie a chain of 4 loops and lock it in a ring connecting column. Then in the 1st row provarite on the ring 6 columns without nakida; in the 2nd row provarite 12 columns without Nikita, 3-m row 24 columns without nakida, vymazyvaja 2 column without nakida in each loop of the previous row; 4 - to 6-m rows, add 6 columns without nakida in each row; 7-m - 7 columns without nakida; 8-m - 6 columns without nakida. 9 number indicating the border of the Apple, tie the thread of light yellow color, guided by the scheme. When you do this in the recesses of the connecting bars. 10th provarite number of columns without nakida red yarn (will look good gradient thread). Apply stitches "Rococo" for an embroidery of the core and seeds.
2. Beige thread embroider the Central line, this provarite hook No. 2 track out of the stitches.
Appliques crochet (+ schema) 3. Run the wand: dial a chain of 11 loops, connect the end with the 9-th loop (with a column without nakida) and tie her to the bars without nakida to the end, secure the thread connecting the column and hide on the reverse side.
4. The bottom of the apples, run the tail, threading through the base of the folded five times the threads and fixing them with a loop. Beautifully cut off the tips of the threads.
Scheme to an application hook "Apple":
Appliques crochet (+ schema)
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