Decoration crochet Necklace – Lotus above water.

Crochet decoration you will need:

  • cotton threads of different colors. We decided to use yellow yarn, pink, light pink, blue and light blue, green, and blue thread.
  • hook No. 1.
  • needle topolina.
  • beads with a diameter of 7 mm, 4 pieces.
  • 6 pieces wooden beads, diameter 1.5 cm.
  • 6 pieces of faceted glass beads.
  • 5 pieces of beads made of glass, transparent.


Green yarn crochet recruited 401 loop, air. Plus loop intermediate.

Knit seven rows of columns without nakida. You should be able – 98cm fabric.

The fabric along the fold. The join column without nakida, single. Now do a zig-zag braid, in the form of a snake, each "bend" stitching and leaving the buttonholes which will be sewn flower buds. Hinges for buds should be the size of 5 cm.

The left part of our decorations – there will be closure.

Now the right end of the necklace, it is necessary to pass in the first 5 cm loop, right part. Sew the end using needle and thread to the center of the chain.

Knit beautiful flower buds.

Recruited 6 air loops. Make them ring. We chose to blossoms pink yarn. Knit the flower with spiral:

  • number 1. 12 columns without nakida.
  • number 2. Two columns without nakida. Next is threaded into the first column without nakida previous row.

Next knit every three columns without nakida, we add two more column without nakida.

Get 15 stitches, knit 5 rows. The tube put two beads. The diameter should be 7 mm.

  • number 8. Two column without nakida two loops of the previous row. Combine into a single column without nakida. The two remaining columns is passed through a third column located above the column.
  • number 9. The remaining two columns threaded through the two columns, which will be located above the bars of the tenth row.
  • a number 11. Double posts go.
  • a number 12. To make a single loop, it will be the sharp end of our Bud.

Now we need to bind the petals for our flowers. To do this, use green yarn. In a ring of pink yarn threaded hook with green yarn. Ready buds need to sew the ends of the harness out of the green thread.

Light pink yarn knit small petals of a blossoming flower. Contour banded columns without nakida.

Dark pink thread knit large flower petals which are attached to small. Those, and the other petals should be 6 pieces. Their contour is also banded columns without nakida.

Ready Lotus sew with needle and thread to the green harness, where you want the center and one side.

Make flower serdtsevinka. It should be yellow. Make a ring of five air loops.

  • number 1. Are finished 10 columns without nakida.
  • number 2. Alternate double column with columns of the previous row, that is, from the first row.
  • number 3. Alternate double column with columns of the second row.
  • number 4. Double column passed through the third row. Must be 25 turns.

Knit three rows, each with 25 loops. Put inside a wooden bead and back, knit in the opposite direction, with the decrease of the loops. Should be able, in the end, so that binding is a tight fit a bead. Now you can decorate this bead embroidered chaotically faceted beads. Serdtsevinka you can sew in the center of the Lotus.

The remaining wooden beads have the same tight tie, but the blue yarn, light blue yarn. From the obtained suspensions make decorations for our necklace. Sew in the form of icicles, one to another, connecting small glass bead. Sew the jewelry to the necklace.

All. Ready. You can try on.

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