Merezhka "Flashlight" and "Flooring"

Hits:771 Types of seams

Merezhka "Flashlight" This openwork is performed on 2 rows. Its often done with colored thread on fabric with a large invoice. Pull 6 strands of fabric, then leave 2 strands...

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Merezhka "polotnyanko" 2 row hemstitch of air loops

Hits:816 Types of seams

Merezhka "polotnyanko" in 2 rows It is performed on neovitin threads of the fabric. 3 pull at the threads of the fabric at a distance of 3-4 strands apart to...

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Merezhka "punk" and "polotnyanko"

Hits:791 Types of seams

Merezhka "punk" It is frequently used between 2 others using hemstitch for tightening the columns. In addition, it is decorated with edge or other using hemstitch is used to trim...

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Merezhka "bug" and "snopek"

Hits:775 Types of seams

Merezhka "bug" This wide openwork, width 9 mm. After treatment edges pull 13-15 threads of the fabric. The openwork "bug" bind 3 columns. First, be sure to make a preliminary...

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Merezhka "column" and "split"

Hits:803 Types of seams

Merezhka "column" It operates exactly the same as the openwork "brush". Only threads need to bind 2 sides of heirloom. As a result, you get the number of columns. It...

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A back stitch and hemstitch "tassel"

Hits:815 Types of seams

A back seam This seam looks good on translucent fabrics. Mark small, simple stitches the outline of the figure, throwing the thread after each stitch through the wrong side of...

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Patterns "Placer", "Leaf" and "Honey"

Hits:738 Types of seams

Placer The outline of the figure outlined in pencil, simple stitches panel. Then fill in the pattern with small stitches seam "back needle". Start to run the pattern from the...

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Seam "Glideway roll" and the pattern "Flower"

Hits:737 Types of seams

Glideway cushion This seam is one of the main in glideway embroidery. In this parallel stitches are close to each other. The seam can be straight or oblique, depending on...

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The stitches "Circle" and "Drop". Vergasov

Hits:775 Types of seams

The stitches "Circle" and "Drop" The technique of these seams are very similar. Draw a simple pencil outline of the pattern. Prometiste it seam "forward needle". In the centre of...

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Seams "Asterisk", "Vical", "Cords," and "Butterball"

Hits:790 Types of seams

Seam "Star" This counting bead. They fill the individual items of embroidery. It is done with straight stitches. The whole "star" is 8 stitches. Each stitch starts at the center...

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Decorative mesh seam "Set"

Hits:793 Types of seams

Decorative mesh The grid used in the surface while filling in center of large flowers. Decorative mesh can be small and large. Lay the net equity and the transverse strong...

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Seam "Darning" and the darn hinges

Hits:809 Types of seams

Seam "Darning" It is quite simple. It is used for repairing products, as well as in the stitch, creating leaves, flowers, etc. It can be run in a straight line (Fig...

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Romanian suture and stitch the wound

Hits:905 Types of seams

The Romanian stitch It consists of cross stitches, which are crossed by oblique stitches. Withdraw the needle with the thread on the front side, departing from the line of figure...

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Pearl and pancake joints

Hits:780 Types of seams

Pearl seam This is one of the most ancient stitches. It operates from the bottom up. It may be direct or oblique, similar to string of pearls, hence its...

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Seams "Stitching", "Russian" and "Chevrons"

Hits:822 Types of seams

The Seam "Stitching" It is similar to the seam "back needle". Differs in the fact that the seam on the front side there are no gaps between the stitches are...

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Seams "Dotted", "Cross", "Cord" and "Chain"

Hits:877 Types of seams

Seam "Dotted" Running threads of different colors and thickness. Thick thread to sew the fabric with thinner thread. Stitches are perpendicular to the thick filament, pressing it to the fabric...

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Stitches "Twisted chain", "Macrame" and "Kolosok"

Hits:808 Types of seams

Seam "Twisted chain" It is similar to chain stitch. But a new loop begins on the left or right of the previous one, and not in the middle (Fig. 13). Figure...

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Seam "Painting"

Hits:777 Types of seams

It is also called "half-cross". It is used in colored embroidery and is a zigzag line. Progress from right to left, then from left to right between 2 parallel lines...

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Seam Herringbone

Hits:757 Types of seams

Is almost the same as the seam "polypetala". It is performed from top to bottom. There are many different options for seam Elochka: single, double, triple, straight, broken, perelivami etc...

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Seam "Goat"

Hits:773 Types of seams

It is used when embroidering small leaves, flower core, as an additional seam in large, complex works. From the front it looks like a strip of criss-cross stitches in the...

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Hits:812 Types of seams

Knots do the middle of the flower and half of the leaf in the white surface. Also nodules sheathe the flower is made of white satin. The thread will secure...

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Loops and polumetally

Hits:812 Types of seams

Loop prikra it turns out, if you run the 1st loop of chain stitch, then instead of the 2nd loop to make a small prakrama by puncture just below the...

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Choose black dresses

Hits:1204 Types of seams

Black dresses never go out of fashion. A classic that glorified herself Coco Chanel. So this outfit should be in every fashionista's wardrobe. Choosing to buy black dress cheaply, you need...

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Chain stitch. Seam "complex vestibule"

Hits:797 Types of seams

Chain stitch sheathe the middle of the large flowers, it is also used in Olonets embroidery, they perform floral patterns. Chain stitch is a chain of loops that emerge one...

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Stalked and buttonhole stitch

Hits:848 Types of seams

Stalk stitch used in embroidering stems and twigs. In addition, they complete the pattern "Oryol Spis". If you want to perform the concave or convex line, then the needle is...

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The seams are "forward needle" and "back needle"

Hits:1053 Types of seams

The seam "forward needle" consists of a series of stitches and omissions. And the stitches and gaps between them are usually the same length. Stitches performed both from right to...

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Types of stitches

Hits:875 Types of seams

The seam consists of individual stitches. Stitch length is the distance between the 2 punctures tissue. All hand stitches can be divided into: control, boundary, decorative and camouflage. Joints grind 2...

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