Black dresses never go out of fashion. A classic that glorified herself Coco Chanel. So this outfit should be in every fashionista's wardrobe.

Choosing to buy black dress cheaply, you need to give preference to those styles which are most beneficial to emphasize the figure. The style of the black dresses in the classic version it's the same dress with round neckline. This cut is ideal for ladies with a long neck and an elongated oval face. Versatile option can be considered a V-neckline. It looks beautiful on almost all women.

Women with hands full when choosing the dress you should give preference to models with extra long sleeves, they will help to hide the problem areas. But the outfit with thin straps or no visually expand the shoulders, make the figure is massive and heavy. Those women whose problem area are the thighs, it is recommended to choose dresses with a flared skirt. This style will make the silhouette very feminine. Ladies with curvaceous should give preference to black dress free cut. It can be straight, not curve-hugging style, but the baggy version.

Girls who have slim hips and legs, but I have extra weight in the waist, fit black dress with loose fit at the top and tapered skirt. If growth allows, the ladies with such figure it is possible to opt for attire with a dropped waist. But the Petites this style can hurt, as it visually shortens the leg and extends the thigh. The optimum length for a classic black dress is the knee level. If you decide to choose a longer dress, for example, mid-calf, then be careful.

This style will only fit women with the correct form of the feet. Dress length just over the knee – perfect for women of small stature. This outfit will visually pull the figure. But it is worth considering that the black dress of this length will look good only with the shoes (or other footwear) high heels.

In any case, the length of the dresses, remember the Golden rule: the hem must not end in the most complete parts of the legs. Elegant black dress is the ideal choice for a first date and the event. Complementing the outfit with interesting accessories you can create your own unique image. Just don't go overboard with the decorations, everything should be in moderation.

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