Decorative mesh

The grid used in the surface while filling in center of large flowers. Decorative mesh can be small and large. Lay the net equity and the transverse strong thread at any angle and in the right direction. At the intersection of staple yarns simple straight stitches in the form of a cross or star (Fig. 29).

Decorative mesh seam Set

Figure 29. Decorative mesh

Seam "Set"

It is a bilateral stitching, reminiscent of patterned weaving (the election). Sets used as a separate sewing, and in combination with other types of embroidery. It is often used in folk embroidery. "Set" embroider a Russian surface. He is a seam "forward a needle" stitches of different lengths on account of threads. Straight stitches should be done only in one

direction or horizontally (Fig. 30A), or vertically (Fig. 30B), from one end of the pattern to the other. The rows of stitches are parallel to each other and Packed very tightly on the fabric-based.

Pattern embroidered on account of the threads of the fabric. On the inside it is a negative pattern. The length of the stitches can be different depending on the thickness of fabric and threads (Fig. 30, g).

Decorative mesh seam Set

Figure 30 a—C. Seam "set"

National embroidery any color carries important information. Therefore, each country allocates its basic colors, for example, China has allocated only 5 colors in Russia 7 colors, and in Ukraine, the HSE has allocated only 3 main colors.

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