Glideway cushion

This seam is one of the main in glideway embroidery. In this parallel stitches are close to each other. The seam can be straight or oblique, depending on the direction of the stitches.

Before making direct cushion 2 pull the horizontal threads from a fabric at a distance of 0.5 cm from one another. Secure the thread by making a few stitches along the intended row. Make the first stitch the vertical. The remaining stitches will run parallel to 1 with an interval from each other in 1 thread of fabric. Try to put the stitches evenly, not too much tightening of the thread (Fig. 37).

Seam Glideway roll and the pattern Flower

Figure 37. Glideway cushion


This pattern is used in the white surface. Mark the pattern on the fabric in pencil. In the middle with the awl make a hole. Panel pattern the contour of the seam "forward needle" and run in the middle of the petals deck longitudinal stitches. Next panel cross stitches each petal separately. All the stitches should fit snugly to each other (Fig. 38).

Seam Glideway roll and the pattern Flower

Figure 38. Flower

The national pattern is always closely associated with the culture of the people, its perception of the environment.

With the creation of a pattern needlewoman always turned to nature.

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