Knots do the middle of the flower and half of the leaf in the white surface. Also nodules sheathe the flower is made of white satin. The thread will secure and print on the front side, pull her left hand to the left. Needle position horizontally, directing its tip to the left. Obviate the needle and working thread away from you 1-2 times. The thread is constantly hold with your left hand. Then pierce with a needle the fabric by the yarn and pull the working thread on the wrong side, pulling the knot to the fabric. Keep the 2nd puncture was not made exactly at the exit point of the thread, otherwise the knot will join the fabric together with thread. The coloured embroidery stitch nodules is carried out with embroidery floss in 4-6 additions, completing 3-4 turns around the needle. Remember that the value of knot also depends on the thickness of the needle (Fig. 9).


Often the pattern transferred by means of soaking. Cloth moistened with water and put on the product with embroidery. Through the wet fabric boldly stood out all the outlines, which were primitively thread of a contrasting color.

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